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"I can't describe the thrill of listening to a beautiful voice like Lauren Perdersen's as she reads my novels, Oh, to Grace and Weary, Come Home. The series of events which started with the initial spark of my imagination as I dreamed up characters and plot, then eventually led to books in the hands of readers, only gets sweeter with the publication of an audiobook. Mo and Heidi and Zeal and Tillie come more alive than ever with Lauren's gift!" Abby Rosser, Author 3/21/2022



"Lauren has meticulous attention to detail and is extremely professional. She took great care to voice each character in my novel uniquely and consistently. I love how her depth of emotion comes through in her work!" Eric Bohl, Author 09/29/2020

​LOVE WORKING WITH YOU Rights Holder Review

"We love working with you on these! You make it so easy. Thanks! " Jon Grannis, Sollah Interactive, LLC 6/30/2022


"I could easily listen to her, clear and expressive, a voice that doesn't make me work to focus." Pam 'Sutton' Hartzler's Facebook comment 04/15/2019

​5 STARS Audible Reviews

Even Better With a Reader

I own the Kindle version of this book, and learned quite a bit from it. Hearing the words through an outstanding narrator makes it an even better, easier to follow experience. A hopeful, helpful book made even better by L. Pedersen.

KellysHero718 05-26-21

Lauren Pedersen narration was just perfect for this gently and warming book.
I could feel the gently writing in this book. Religious but not , so much that you feel it in your face.
The characters are likable and you will care for Anna .
A mother who is struggling , with life and Anna who is an orphan .
The book starts with Frankie, who lives in a nursing home, telling us about the time. Set in 1920s . A story of love and family.
mangankillarney 09-22-21


So much negativity surrounds 2020 that it was uplifting and inspiring to hear so many positive outcomes for a variety of people. Lauren Pederson’s soothing, compelling voice brought these stories to life and made for an enjoyable listening experience!

Julie B. 08-02-21

Enjoyed the book

The book got my attention from the beginning and held it to the end. The wonderful narration truly brought the story and the characters to life for me.

Jose G Jiminez 06-16-21

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