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Narrator Statement to Audiobook Producers/Authors/Rights Holders/Industry:

Lauren lends a pleasantly confident voice to fiction and non-fiction. Her many roles in life provide great range to her vocal productions. As a pharmacist educator her voice is comfortably professional with health and wellness topics. As a group fitness instructor her voice is clear and authoritative. As a mother of two her voice provides kind animation to characters, drawing listeners into discovery as each chapter unfolds. Her love for storytelling is articulated in memoirs and fiction. And her strong personal faith means she will bring life to uplifting content with Christian values.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to read.  I’ve used silly voices for the characters in Sandra Boynton and Dr. Seuss when I read to my little boys. Then dove into the voices of The Indian in the Cupboard, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series as they grew. Audiobooks were my constant companion – as I drove, while I cooked dinner, and folded laundry. I began to appreciate narrators and voice actors and full cast productions. After I stepped back from my role as a pharmacist, I wondered what would it take to be an audiobook narrator? offered me space to practice reading short stories and poems while learning to use an audio editing software. I found voice classes through a local production company! And was invited into the studio to read for directors with decades of experience. With my heart pounding, I sat in the booth with headphones on before a microphone and performed commercials for relaxing vacations and juicy burgers, as well as corporate sales training. I loved it! ACX through Audible was my next platform where I performed fiction and non-fiction for independent rights holders.  I began searching for an audio coach and discovered many incredible people in the voice over industry offer a variety of coaching programs. In the past few years I have coached with J. Michael Collins Emily Lawrence, Hilary HuberElise Arsenault, and Teri Schnaubelt to name a few. So here I am, demonstrating my ability and asking you to consider my voice for your next project.

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