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Second Quarter Going Strong

We Three Kings by Crystal Caudill, Cara Putman and Angela Ruth Strong

This romance Christmas collection follows the Weise family over generations as three authors tell stories of the family moving across the sea as they seek Jesus and find love. 

Olive You to Death & Murder in a Tourist Town by Lynn Cahoon 

These two stories are part of the Tourist Trap Mystery series which has been in publication for ten years! Murder in a Tourist Town is the series prequel and Olive You to Death is the latest installment in the ongoing series.

The Vanished by Cara Putman

Jenae Simmons returned home and is starting a new law firm when she meets Carter Montgomery, the new director of the art museum. Together they unravel the legal labyrinth of art ownership on works that trace to the turmoil of WWII.

Peace in the U.S. Republic of Letters, 1840-1900

This work explores the peace movement as it captured the imagination of leading writers of the time, anticipating key insights of twentieth-century peace scholars.

2024 First Quarter New Releases!

Never Not Working (Why the Always-on Culture is Bad for Business and How to Fix It) by Malissa Clark

"workaholic behavior is unhealthy and counterproductive for workers and for organizations. It's time to fight back."

Mabel Goes to the Dogs (Mysteries of Medicine Spring, Book 2) by Susan Kimmel Wright

"Her new assignment couldn’t be simpler. All she has to do is hide in the woods and let Millie the search dog practice finding her. But to her horror, Millie finds more than Mabel—there’s a dead body hiding in the same patch of brush."

Uncharted Journey (The Uncharted Series, Book 6) by Keely Brooke Keith 

"Young widow Eva Vestal assumes loneliness is God’s permanent plan for her life. She keeps busy by raising her son and co-managing the Inn at Falls Creek with her elderly father, but her heart yearns for more."

The Place Where You Belong (Lone Star Loves Book 1) by Nancy Lavo

"Public Relations specialist Hallie Nichols returns home to Village Green, determined to stay just long enough to make living arrangements for her aging mother while avoiding the rejection and painful memories of her past—specifically her ex-boyfriend, banker Trey Gunther."

Bestselling author Lynette Eason's newest release

This project is big for me! It was produced in cooperation with Baker Publishing, a Christian publisher I've been wanting to work with for a while. And it's my first fiction project with a USA Today Bestselling author. The genre of Romantic Suspense is one I've performed several times, and this book had a large cast of characters. I enjoyed finding ways to make the voices of these characters distinct.

3-in-1 Love Stories to prepare for Valentine's Day

Authors Shelley Shephard Gray, Charlotte Hubbard, and Rosalind Lauer are brought together for this collection of Amish love stories featuring handwritten letters.

In "Love Letter Courtship" Jennie and Matt haven't really had time alone because he's already a part of the family, so they restart their courtship through secret notes.
In "S.W.A.K." there's confusion when two young ladies named Fannie are seeking the attention of the eligible and hard-working Eddie.
In "The Wrong Valentine" young widow Martha is helping her coworking learn about designing handmade Valentines when one is accidentally slipped to her buggy driver.

#1 Release in Church & State Audiobooks:
Politics for People Who Hate Politics

Politics that Unite Rather than Divide

Politics can be infuriating. From unjust policies to unholy politicians, there are justifiable reasons to be upset or walk away altogether. Yet we must stay involved if we are to protect and sustain our fragile nation from the divisions that threaten it.

With more than two decades of experience working in the highest levels of government, insider Denise Grace Gitsham offers a remedy to America's dark political reality: Christians filled with light, love, and Christ's heart for unity. With spiritual insights, hard-earned political lessons, and practical advice, she helps you engage with wisdom and discernment, love those you disagree with while standing firm on God's truth, serve as a unifying force, and embrace God's plan for our nation and the world.

As citizens of heaven, we can engage in politics God's way: with the countercultural love, integrity, and unity that will heal our land. ©2023 Denise Grace Gitsham (P)2023 eChristian

Young Adult: Fetching Dreams by Mary Bleckwehl

It Was Just a School Assignment, Until It Became a Lifesaving Mission.

Two girls living a continent apart become pen pals. Quiet and shy, Neyah lives in a rural African village and longs for more time in school, but spends most days fetching filthy water for her family to survive. Bold and boisterous, Abby lives comfortably in a modern city and spends much of her time planning her social calendar. Despite their differences, an unlikely friendship forms, and they discover they have one thing very much in common. Their lives are tragically threatened by something they can’t control. Or maybe they can. ©2023 Immortal Works (P)2023 Immortal Works

P.E.O. Convention of International Chapter

I'm a proud P.E.O. member and was invited this year to voice a couple of videos for the Convention of International Chapter which was held in Philadelphia, PA September 20-24, 2023. "Raise the Bar to the Stars" and "You Add 2 P.E.O." are available now online and through the Sisterhood's social media. Thank you P.E.O. sister, for the ongoing support of women's education through philanthropy!

Harvard Business Review: Emotional Intelligence

I'm thrilled to have been part of several HBR Press books this year!  "Energy + Motivation" and "Grit" were part of the Emotional Intelligence series. And there's one more HBR co-narration to be released soon on another hot topic... AI.

House Mate, Under the Kansas Skies, Book 2

This sweet and clean rom com series by Leah Brunner follows a family of siblings - each with their own love story. In book two, House Mate, there are a few simple goals for a fresh start: 

1. Move out of my parents' house.

2. Get my teaching career back on track

3. Join a widow support group

4. Don't fall in love with my dad's coworker—my new landlord.

Audio Publishers Association Conference 2023
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