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#1 Release in Church & State Audiobooks:
Politics for People Who Hate Politics

Politics that Unite Rather than Divide

Politics can be infuriating. From unjust policies to unholy politicians, there are justifiable reasons to be upset or walk away altogether. Yet we must stay involved if we are to protect and sustain our fragile nation from the divisions that threaten it.

With more than two decades of experience working in the highest levels of government, insider Denise Grace Gitsham offers a remedy to America's dark political reality: Christians filled with light, love, and Christ's heart for unity. With spiritual insights, hard-earned political lessons, and practical advice, she helps you engage with wisdom and discernment, love those you disagree with while standing firm on God's truth, serve as a unifying force, and embrace God's plan for our nation and the world.

As citizens of heaven, we can engage in politics God's way: with the countercultural love, integrity, and unity that will heal our land.

©2023 Denise Grace Gitsham (P)2023 eChristian

Young Adult: Fetching Dreams by Mary Bleckwehl

It Was Just a School Assignment, Until It Became a Lifesaving Mission.

Two girls living a continent apart become pen pals. Quiet and shy, Neyah lives in a rural African village and longs for more time in school, but spends most days fetching filthy water for her family to survive.

Bold and boisterous, Abby lives comfortably in a modern city and spends much of her time planning her social calendar. Despite their differences, an unlikely friendship forms, and they discover they have one thing very much in common. Their lives are tragically threatened by
something they can’t control. Or maybe they can.

©2023 Immortal Works (P)2023 Immortal Works

An Amish Holiday Book: Thanksgiving Blessing
As Thanksgiving approaches, Rebecca and Nathan are forced to reconcile with their own grief, forgive what can't be changed, and come to truly understand the core values of the holiday: love and gratitude.
An Amish Holiday Book by Marta Perry
P.E.O. Convention of International Chapter

I'm a proud P.E.O. member and was invited this year to voice a couple of videos for the Convention of International Chapter which was held in Philadelphia, PA September 20-24, 2023. "Raise the Bar to the Stars" and "You Add 2 P.E.O." are available now online and through the Sisterhood's social media. Thank you P.E.O. sister, for the ongoing support of women's education through philanthropy!

Harvard Business Review: Emotional Intelligence

I'm thrilled to have been part of several HBR Press books this year!  "Energy + Motivation" and "Grit" were part of the Emotional Intelligence series. And there's one more HBR co-narration to be released soon on another hot topic... AI.

Back to Visit Misty Hollow with Cynthia Hickey

Cynthia Hickey invited me to produce a few books in her Misty Hollow series in the past couple of years. The final installment of the series is now available in audio format too!

House Mate, Under the Kansas Skies, Book 2

This sweet and clean rom com series by Leah Brunner follows a family of siblings - each with their own love story. In book two, House Mate, there are a few simple goals for a fresh start: 

1. Move out of my parents' house.

2. Get my teaching career back on track

3. Join a widow support group

4. Don't fall in love with my dad's coworker—my new landlord.

A Mystery on Church Street (Historical Fiction)

1943: The world is at war and the outcome is anything but sure.

In the heartland, communities like Caroline, Iowa, must bind together to support the cause. As the war drags on, few families escape paying the ultimate price.

But the unity of this close-knit community is threatened by a violent death: a murder committed in the basement of the town's beloved Church Street United Brethren. Everyone, including the congregation's handsome new pastor, becomes a suspect.

The underpinnings to the mystery delve deep into the town's past...and extend far beyond its borders.

©2023 Gail Kittleson (P)2023 Gail Kittleson

Scientific Americans by Susan Branson

In Scientific Americans, Susan Branson explores the place of science and technology in American efforts to achieve cultural independence from Europe and America's nation building in the early republic and antebellum eras. This engaging tour of scientific education and practices among ordinary citizens charts the development of nationalism and national identity alongside roads, rails, and machines.

©2021 Cornell University (P)2023 Redwood Audiobooks

Private Government New Release June 2023

Why our workplaces are authoritarian private governments—and why we can't see it

One in four American workers says their workplace is a "dictatorship." Yet that number almost certainly would be higher if we recognized employers for what they are—private governments with sweeping authoritarian power over our lives. Many employers minutely regulate workers' speech, clothing, and manners on the job, and employers often extend their authority to the off-duty lives of workers, who can be fired for their political speech, recreational activities, diet, and almost anything else employers care to govern. In this compelling book, Elizabeth Anderson examines why, despite all this, we continue to talk as if free markets make workers free, and she proposes a better way to think about the workplace, opening up space for discovering how workers can enjoy real freedom.

©2017 Princeton University Press (P)2023 Tantor

Mabel Gets the Ax New Release June 2023

Mabel is forty-something, in the prime of her life. But recently let go from her job at a law firm and adjusting to her inheritance after her grandmother's death. A new home, a new dog, and she's attempting to get involved in her new community by volunteering at the local historical society. On her very first shift as a tour guide things go awry.

Mabel Gets the Ax, by Suan Kimmel Wright, through Mountain Brook INK 2023

Audio Publishers Association Conference 2023
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